Published articles: 347

Simultaneous Separation of 15N and 14N by Isotopic Exchange in Nitrox System at Pressure

Axente D. , Balla A. , Marcu C. , Gergely .

Determination of Tritium Contents in Incinerable Samples

Fugaru V. , Postolache C. , Bubueanu G.

Radionuclide Characterization of Tritiated Water Using NMR Spectrometry

Tuta C. , Postolache C. , Fugaru V.

CFD Investigation of Gas Diffusion Layers Compression on the PEM Fuel Cell Performance

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Ingham D. , Patularu L. , Marinoiu A. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Stefanescu I.

Optimal Operation Conditions Identification of an Open Cathode PEMFC for Mobile Applications

Schitea D. , Patularu L. , Carcadea E. , Rasoi G. , Așchilean I.

Iodine Doped Graphene Synthesis Via a Facile Electrophilic Substitution. High Performance as Orr Electrocatalyst for PEMFC

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Petreanu I. , Marin E. , Sucea B. , Soare A. , Raceanu M.

The Behaviour of C25/30 Concrete Used for Cernavoda NPP Spent Fuel Pools Infrastructure Under Thermal Stress Conditions in Wet Environment

Paraschiv I. , Cârlan P.

Membrane Bioreactor (MR) Technology- A New and Effective Treatment of Wastewater

Zgavarogea R. , Covaliu C. , Niculescu V. , Miricioiu M. , Paun N. , Iordache A. , Neacşa M.

Influence of Temperature Variation Over Characteristic Capacity in 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Bubulinca C. , Enache S. , Buga M.

Obtaining of Spatial Formations Fullerenes Type, Made Up of Carbon Atoms, by Applying Discharges Pulsed Electric Process - EDI - Over Metallic Surfaces, with Graphite Cathode

Marin L. , Topala P.

Study of Inconel 718 Alloy Tested by Heat-Cycling

Velciu L. , Meleg T. , Panţîru M. , Petrescu D. , Florea V.

Changes in Polyphenolic Content of Berry Skins from Different Red Grapes Cultivars During Ripening

Niculescu V. , Ionete R. , Geana E. , Artem V. , Ranca A.

Influence of the Thermal Energy Storage on the Hybrid Heating Systems' Energy Profile*

Șoimoșan T. , Felseghi R.

Synthesis and Characterization of Iodine Doped Graphene by an Uncatalyzed Reaction

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Petreanu I. , Marin E. , Sucea B. , Soare A.

Ammonia Removal from Aqueous Solution by Ion Exchange Using Clinoptilolite and Verification of the Process Through a Numerical Study

Cobzaru C. , Marinoiu A. , Apostolescu G. , Tataru-Farmus R. , Apostolescu N. , Cernatescu C.

Numerical Analysis on the Hydrogen Generation from Sodium Borohydride Hydrolysis

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Marinoiu A. , Raceanu M.

The Removal of Heavy Metals Using the Bulk Liquid Membrane Technique

Mirea C. , Diaconu I. , Ruse E. , Serban E. , Clej D. , Popa G. , Popa (Enache) D. , Nechifor G.

Macro- and Microelements as Possible Markers of Quality and Authenticity for Fruits and Derived Products

Ionete R. , Dinca O. , Geana E. , Costinel D.

Assessing the Authenticity of Vinegar by Combined 2H-SNIF-NMR and 13C-IRMS Analysis

Popescu R. , Botoran O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R.

Identification of New Isolates (Micro-Organisms) from Vineyard Epiphytic Microflora Using Maldi-Tof Mass Spectrometry

Bărbulescu I. , Mihai C. , Begea M. , Frincu M. , Grigorica L. , Roceanu G. , Marinescu S. , Teodorescu R. , Tamaian R.

Sono - Chemical Degradation of Organic Compounds from Wastewater

Iordache M. , Iordache I. , Popescu L. , Schitea D. , Pascu L.

Determination of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Water Quality Index (WQI) of Olt River

Sandru C. , David E.

Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Thermal Radiation Shields for Applications in Cryogenic Systems

Anghel M. , Curuia M. , Badea A.

Fuelling Mode Effect on a PEM Fuel Cell Stack Efficiency

Raceanu M. , Iliescu M. , Culcer M. , Marinoiu A. , Varlam M. , Bizon N.

A Review Regarding a “Man-Portable” Lightweight Flexible Fuel Cell Concept Small Power Supply

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Petreanu I. , Raceanu M. , Marin E. , Teodorescu C.

The Ventilation Concept for Passive House Buildings

Iloaie F.

Comparative Study on Optimization of Hybrid Systems

Badea G. , Raboaca S. , Stefanescu I. , Felseghi R. , Demeusy V.

Fuel Cell as Solution for  Power Supply of Passive House. Case Study

Felseghi R.

Sustaining the Passive House with Hybrid Energy Photovoltaic Panels-Fuel Cell

Raboaca S.

Evaluating the Origin of Honey by Stable Isotopes Ratio (C and N) Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Dinca O. , Ionete R. , Costinel D. , Popescu R. , Miricioiu M. , Stefanescu I. , Radu G.

Contamination Levels with Some Heavy Metals of the Danube River Sediments Near the Cernavoda Area

Sandru C. , David E.

Estimated Transfer of Volatile Organochlorine Substances in the Ecosystems Water, Sediment, Biota Using the Concept of Fugacity

Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Pascu L. , Iordache I.

Analysis of Trace Amounts of Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Methane in Nitrogen: A Comparison of Two Different Analytical Techniques

Miricioiu M. , Ciucure C. , Constantinescu M. , Niculescu V. , Dinca O. , Zgavarogea R. , Nechifor G.

Some Aspects Concerning Argon Production by Cryogenic Air Separation

Popa V. , Serban A. , Popa C.

Experimental Measurement of the Time Constant of Cryogenic Sensors Based on Graphene and Nanotubes

Monea B. , Ionete E. , Vijulie M. , Spiridon .

Research on Non Steady State of Catalytic Isotopic Exchange Installation

Bornea A. , Zamfirache M.

IRMS Methods for Assessing the Quality and Origin of Honey Using δ13C and δ15N Isotopic Fingerprints

Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Dinca O. , Popescu R. , Geana E.

Spirits Classification Using 1H NMR and Chemometrics

Popescu R. , Dinca O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R.

Influence of Climatic Factors on Sensory Characteristics of Wines Originated from Intra- and Extra-Carphatian Areas

Stegarus D.

HPLC Determination of Oleanolic and Ursolic Acid in Apples and Apple Pomace

Geana E. , Ionete R. , Ciocarlan A. , Aricu A. , Fulga A. , Ungur N. , Podogova M. , Nikolaeva D.

Spectrophotometric Techniques Used for Monitoring Food Additives – An Overview

Niculescu V. , Geana E. , Paun N. , Ionete R. , Stegarus D.

On the Road to High Performance PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Applications

Enache S. , Petreanu I. , Patularu L. , Ebrașu D. , Schitea D. , Varlam M.

Effects of Flow Field on PEM Fuel Cell Performance

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Patularu L. , Marinoiu A. , Tanislav V. , Enache S.

PEMFC Short Stack Development at ICSI Ramnicu Valcea, from Sketch to Applications

Patularu L. , Schitea D. , Enache S. , Varlam M. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Carcadea E. , Marinoiu A. , Rasoi G. , Crăciunescu A.

The Use of Nickel as a Catalyst for Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Raceanu M. , Petreanu I. , Varlam M.

Use of Iron-Based Catalysts to Increase the Efficiency of Catalytic Conversion Processes of Residual Biomass

David E. , Mureşanu M. , Reiss A. , Preda S. , Armeanu A. , Sandru C.

The Application of Pollution Indexes in the Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments

Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Iordache I.

Vacuum Cyclic Processing of Strawberry Impregnated in Sugar Syrup

Roşca A. , Roşca D.

Romania’s Participation to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Projects and Calls

Iordache I. , Schitea D. , Buga M. , Balan M.

A Comparative Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis Study of Hydrogen Production by Steam Methane Reforming

Buga M. , Balan M. , Iordache I. , Varlam M.

Carbon Dioxide Reusing for Methane Fuel Obtaining Over Heterogeneous Catalysts as a Possible Source of Energy

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Ionete R. , Raceanu M. , Cobzaru C. , Iordache I. , Teodorescu C. , Enache A. , Varlam M.

The Influence of Catalyst Properties on Co Oxidation Reaction - A Theoretical Aproach

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Marinoiu A. , Stefanescu I. , Raceanu M. , Patularu L. , Ebrașu D. , Tanislav V. , Capris C.

Carbon Monoxide  Retention for Fuel Cell Application Using Heterogeneous Catalysts

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Petreanu I. , Sisu C. , Raceanu M. , Capris C. , Tanislav V. , Schitea D. , Ebrașu D. , Patularu L.

Efficient Methods for Flue Gas Heat Recovery and Conversion Into Electricity

Gherghinescu S. , Ciocan A. , Carcadea E. , Ebrașu D.

Design and Analysis Method of the WDS Tritiated Water Holding Tanks

Brad S. , Bilegan R. , Ana G. , Lazăr A. , Vijulie M.

The Assessment of Heavy Metals Content in Soil Samples Taken from the Vicinity of Thermal Power Plants

Sandru C. , David E.

Tenderizing Machines for Traditional Meat Products Processing

Roşca A. , Roşca D. , Simion A.

Development of a Tritium Recovery System from Candu Tritium Removal Facility

Drăghia M. , Porcariu F. , Paşca G.

Balance and Control of Moisture in the Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Process

Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. , Spiridon .

Estimation of Isotopic Exchange Parameters by Control of Condensation Process

Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. , Spiridon .

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell R&D Programs and Projects in Romania Between 2000 and 2012

Iordache I. , Rizoiu A. , Balan M.

The Catalytic Conversion of Renewable Feedstocks

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Petreanu I. , Raceanu M. , Patularu L. , Ebrașu D. , Schitea D.

 Numerical Investigation of Carbon Monoxide Oxidation

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Marinoiu A. , Stefanescu I. , Raceanu M. , Tanislav V.

Development of Complex Bipolar Plates for Increased PEMFC Stack Power

Patularu L. , Schitea D. , Varlam M. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Crăciunescu A.

The Role Assessment of the Catalysts Based on Metal Oxides in the Waste Biomass Gasification Process

David E. , Preda S. , Armeanu A. , Sandru C. , Mocanu D.

Mechanical Behavior of Recoverable Dental Re-Cast Alloys

Roşca A. , Roşca D.

Magnetic Properties and Transport Characteristics of La0.5Pr0.2Pb0.3-xSrxMnO3 Manganites

Craus M. , Simkin V. , Cornei N.

Optimized Method for Analyzing the Mineral Content of Honey

Geana E. , Sandru C. , Ionete R.

 Exploring Apis Mellifera Venom Compounds Using Highly Efficient Methods

Ionete R. , Dinca O. , Tamaian R. , Geana E.

 Tritium Level in Drinking Water at ICIT

Varlam C. , Stefanescu I. , Faurescu I. , Vagner I. , Faurescu D.

Hazardous Substances in Water and Sediments of Olt River, Downstream from Rm. Valcea

Iordache M. , Iordache I. , Popescu L. , Costinel D.

Evaluation of the Soil Mercury Pollution Induced by the Chloro-Alkany Activities in Chemical Industrial Areas

Popescu L. , Ungureanu E. , Iordache M. , Inel G. , Iordache I.

The Involvement of Deuterium Presence in the Drosophila Melanogaster Evolution - Diverse Effects of Deuterium Concentrations Upon the Phenotype of Different Strains and Romanian Ecotypes

Butnaru G. , Sarac I. , Popescu S. , Titescu G. , Stefanescu I.

Development of a Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) Fire Scenario Evaluation for the EPS (Emergency Power System) Zone of a Candu-6 Nuclear Power Plant

Maxim A. , Branzeu N. , Prisecaru I.

Pressure Drop Evaluation for a Candu Fuel Bundle at Low Reynolds Number

Musa A. , Prisecaru I. , Nicolici S.

Energy Systems Based on Renewable Resources and Hydrogen Storage - An Overview and a Scenario Analyses

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Raceanu M. , Iliescu M. , Enache A. , Culcer M. , Ebrașu D. , Marinoiu A. , Tanislav V. , Capris C.

Potential Studies of Ultrasounds Effects in Fuel Cells

Schitea D. , Amza G. , Iordache I.

Development of an Experimental Model Based Simulation on Nanostructurated Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage

Iordache I. , Rasoi G. , Anghel V.

The Efficient Catalytic Conversion of Glycerol Into Valuable Chemicals

Marinoiu A. , Carcadea E. , Cobzaru C. , Capris C. , Tanislav V. , Raceanu M. , Iordache I.

Comparative Granulometric Characteristics of Grist Fractions from Plansifter Compartments of One and Two Reduction Roll Passages in a Milling Plant of 4.2 t/h

Voicu G. , Constantin G. , Ștefan E.

Study on Fluid Flow in a Hydrocyclone Installation, Type Using Numerical Simulation

Iorga-Simăn V. , Ducu C. , Stefanescu I.

Evolution of Depth Erosion Formations in Milcov Hydrographic Basin

Constantin E. , Mărăcineanu F. , Teodorescu R. , Roşulescu . , Partene I.

Local Atmospheric Dispersion Assessment During a Potential Candu Severe Accident

Gheorghe (Nicolici) C. , Prisecaru I. , Nicolici S.

Determining Ammonium and Nitrate Pollution of the Olt River Basin in Rm. Valcea Industrial Area

Sandru C. , David E. , Popescu R. , Ionete R.

Advanced IR-NDT Methods for Thermal Balances of Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Column

Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. , Spiridon .

Determination of Nickel Content in Romanian Wines

Stegarus D. , Niculescu V. , Sandru C. , Lengyel E.

Instrumental Texture Analysis - An Objective Method to Evaluate Fresh Vegetables Quality

Roşca A. , Roşca D.

Anthocyanin Profile of Blackberries and Grapes

Niculescu V. , Paun N. , Silion M. , Popa M.

Active Thermography – Non-Destructive & Non-Contact Material Testing

Popovici M.

Compound-Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Gas Chromatography Combustion Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry GC/C-IRMS

Costinel D. , Geana I. , Ionete R. , Dinca O.

An Overview of Analytical Techniques for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Chemical Fingerprinting

Geana E. , Dinca O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Popescu R.

Parametrical Study of Steam Methane Reforming in a Membrane Reactor

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Marinoiu A. , Tanislav V. , Capris C.

Mathematical Modeling of Catalytic Hydrogenation Process of Glycerol to Propylene Glycol

Marinoiu A. , Cobzaru C. , Carcadea E. , Tanislav V. , Capris C.

Experiments Regarding the Effects of Isotopic Separation in PEM Electrolysers

Iliescu M. , Varlam M. , Ionete R. , Culcer M. , Balan M.

Detailed Characterization and Profiles of Ambient Atmosphere Monitoring Using Automatic Techniques from In Situ Collected Samp

Florescu D. , Ionete R. , Bucura F. , Constantinescu M. , Saros G.

Considerations Concerning the Influence of B20 Biodiesel Blend on Urban Buses Operation and Maintenance

Roşca A. , Roşca D. , Vlăduţ G.

Variation of the Olt River Quality Into the Industrial Complex Area of Ramnicu Valcea

Iordache M. , Branzoi I. , Iordache I. , Popescu L. , Taralunga M.

Mathematical Models Used in Describing Air Pollutants’ Dispersion – Application in Craiova, Romania (2012)

Codresi T. , Sbirna S. , Sbirna L. , Oubraham A.

Methods Used to Estimate the Greenhouse Gas Emission Potential from Solid Waste Disposal

David E. , Aldea N. , Preda S. , Armeanu A. , Sandru C. , Bucura F. , Constantinescu M. , Mocanu D.

Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes

Serban V. , Panait A. , Zamfir M. , Ciocan G. , Androne M. , Serban L. , Postolache L. , Postolache V.

Log-Normal Distribution of the Suspended Particulate Matter (PM10) – Application in Craiova, Romania (2012)

Sbirna L. , Codresi T. , Oubraham A. , Sbirna S.

Studies on the Important Polluants of Wastewater from Textile Industry

Sandru C. , David E. , Bucura F. , Constantinescu M.

Evaluation of the Deuterium Modulation Potential of Lead  Status on Zea Mays Organogenesis and Growth

Butnaru G. , Sarac I. , Titescu G. , Butnariu H.

Experimental Evidences of the Influence of Nitrogen Gas on the Trimer Ions in Low Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Hydrogen Isotopes

Bidica N. , Bulubașa G.

Importance of Local Leak Rate in Determination of Gas Leak Localization in Enclosed Industrial Building

Spiridon Ș. , Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G.

Pressure Loss Detection in Plants With Continuous Monitoring by Measuring the Flow Parameters

Gherghinescu S. , Spiridon . , Popescu G.

Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour of Candu Fuel Claddings

Dinu A. , Radu V. , Chicinaş I. , Ionescu D.

Hybrid Materials Obtained by Nickel Immobilization on Mesoporous MCM-41 and Their Application in Alcohols Oxidation

Niculescu V. , Ene R. , Iordache I. , Parvulescu V.

Research Program of ICIT on Tritium Field as Support for Fusion Program

Zamfirache M. , Bornea A. , Stefanescu I. , Varlam C. , Bidica N.

Heat Transfer Modelling of Steam Methane Reforming

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Culcer M. , Iliescu M. , Enache A. , Tanislav V. , Capris C.

Composite Nafion/TiO2 Membranes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Ebrașu D. , Dorcioman G. , Axente E. , Mihailescu I. , Patularu L. , Schitea D. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Constantinescu L.

Comparative Study Between Different Biodiesel Blends Used for Bus Public Transport in Craiova City

Roşca D. , Roşca A. , Vlăduţ G.

The Hazardous Substance Environmental Impact in the Industrial Area of Rm. Valcea

Iordache M. , Branzoi I. , Iordache I. , Dobre N. , Totea G.

Physical and Chemical Characterization of Flavored and Demy Flavored Wines from Recas Vineyard

Lengyel E. , Oprean L. , Otto K. , Iancu R. , Bociu D. , Tita O.

Physicochemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Brancoveanu, Gura Minei and Ocnita Lakes, as Repre-Sentative for the Lacustrine Complex from Ocna Sibiului

Bociu D. , Lengyel E. , Ionete R.

Wine Quality Assurance Using Mass Spectrometry Techniques

Dinca O. , Ionete R. , Costinel D.

Shape Memory Behavior and One-Way Shape Memory Effect of a NiTi Shape Memory Bands

Niculescu A. , Stefanescu I. , Soare A. , Vijulie M. , Brad S.

Establishing the Design Prices for Equipments in the Exergoeconomic Analysis Using Least Squares Method

Gherghinescu S.

Study of Flow Field Design for Improving PEMFC Performance

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Tanislav V. , Patularu L. , Schitea D. , Ene H.

Progress of International Consortium on Nuclear Hydrogen Production with the Cu-Cl Cycle

Zamfirescu C. , Naterer G. , Dincer I.

Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Doped/Sulfonated Poly (Phenylene Oxide) Membranes

Ebrașu D. , Petreanu I. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I.

Construction of a Device For Compass Experiment at CERN

Radulescu L. , Pavelescu M.

Prediction the Necking Location in Metal Uniaxial Deformation by Using Thermovision

Roşca A. , Roşca D.

Plastic Wastes Recycling Using Modified ZMS-5A Zeolite

David E. , Stefanescu I. , Stanciu V. , Aldea N. , Sandru C. , Armeanu A.

Log-Normal Distribution of PM10 – Application in Craiova (Romania) During the First Six Month of 2011

Mateescu M. , Sbirna L. , Oubraham A. , Vladut G. , Sbirna S.

Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Water of Valcea County

Geana E. , Iordache A. , Saros G. , Ionete R.

Mesoporous SBA-15 Supported Platinum Catalysts for Alcohols Oxidation

Niculescu V. , Ene R. , Iordache I. , Parvulescu V.

Exposure Level to the Gamma Radiation Emitted by Natural Radioactive Isotopes Occuring in Soil at Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

Oubraham A. , Sbirna L. , Mateescu M. , Sbirna S. , Cojocaru L.

Hydrogen – The Future Energy Source and ITS Environmental Impact

Niculescu V. , Anghel M. , Stefanescu I.

Geochemical Characterization of River Danube from Cernavoda Area

Sandru C. , David E.

Biohydrogen – The Environmentally Friendly Alternative Automotive Fuel

Anghel M. , Niculescu V. , Stefanescu I.

An Evaluation Method for Potentially Package’s Non-Fixed Radioactive Contamination in Transport of Radioactive Waste

Mihaiu R. , Vieru G. , Nistor V.

Anthocyanins Sources - Their Occurrence and Role in Human Nutrition

Paun N. , Niculescu V. , Popa M.

Practical Analytical Tools for Assessing the Addition of Synthetic Dyes in Wines

Artem V. , Ranca A. , Galip A. , Ionete R. , Geana E. , Savin C. , Pasa R. , Vasile A.

Cytological Effects of DDW Depleted Water (DDW) on the Allium sativum L. Root Meristem Cells

Butnaru G. , Sarac I. , Titescu G. , Stefanescu I.

Opportunities of Exploatation of the Living Resource

Ursache C.

Thermovision Applications in Food Industry

Roşca A. , Roşca D.

Theoretical and Experimental Research of the Overlap Effects in the Quadrupole Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes Mixtures

Stefanescu A. , Bidica N. , Bornea A. , Cristescu I. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I.

Can Still be Applied Liquid Scintillation Counting to Environmental Water Samples for Tritium Measurement?

Varlam C. , Stefanescu I. , Ioniţă G. , Faurescu I. , Bogdan D. , Faurescu D.

Cryogenic Distillation Column. Influence of an External Factor

David C. , Stefan L.

On-Line Predictive Maintenance for Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation

Gherghinescu S.

Upgrade of the Jet Tangential Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (TGRS)

Soare S. , Anghel M. , Zoita V. , Craciunescu T. , Curuia M. , Kiptily V. , Edlington T. , Syme B. , contributors J.

Performance Tests on the Adsorption Systems for Redesign and Functioning in New Operating Conditions

Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. , Vacaru M.

Research Activity in “TRI-TOFFY” EFDA Network Trainning

Spiridon I. , Stefanescu I. , Brad S. , Ana G. , Vijulie M. , Lazăr A.

Mathematical Modelling of Steam Methane Reforming in a Membrane Reactor - Preliminary Results

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Stefanescu I. , Tanislav V. , Ene H. , Nicolescu B.

Experimental Study of a Ground Heat Exchanger  Small- Scale Model to Obtain Data for a Ground Coupled Heat Pump System Design

Iliescu M. , Culcer M. , Raceanu M.

Influence of Operating Parameters on the Electrical Performance of PEM Fuel Cells

Patularu L. , Craciunescu A. , Rasoi G. , Varlam M. , Ebrașu D. , Raceanu M.

Determination of the Deuterium Concentration from Heavy Water Using Vibrational Densimetry Method

Raducan G. , Piciorea I.

Organic Components Determination in Paintings Using GC/MS

Popescu R. , Samoilescu C. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Stefanescu I.

Isolation, Purification and Biological Properties of Anthocyanins

Paun N. , Niculescu V.

An Overview of the Synthesis, Characterization Techniques and Applications of Silica Mesoporous Materials

Niculescu V. , Ene R. , Parvulescu V.

Environmental Isotopes in Hydrological Investigation at Raureni-Valcea Area

Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Popescu R.

Assessing the Wine Anthocyanin Profile for Red Grape Varieties Identification

Geana E. , Iordache A. , Ionete R.

Gamma Radiation Absorption Study on Cryogenic Multilayer Insulation

Gherghinescu S.

Assessment of the Cryogenic Distillation System from Cernavoda Tritium Removal Facility

Paşca G. , Drăghia M. , Porcariu F. , Ana G.

Ceramic Pigments Based TIN Oxide for Ceramics

Voica C.

Influence of Mn Substitution with Fe/Co on Magnetic Structure and Transport Mechanisms in Some Manganites

Craus M. , Simkin V. , Cornei N. , Dobrea V.

The Reducing Emissions of Gases with Greenhouse Effect Using the Metallic Catalysts Supported. Production Technology, Preparation, Physical and Chemical Characterization

Constantinescu M. , Bucura F.

Computational Model for the Tritium Inventory Management in a Nuclear Plant

Zamfirache M. , Bornea A. , Stefanescu I. , Stefan L. , Bidica N. , Vasut F. , David C.

Nuclear Power Generation Alternative for a Clean Energy Future

Bobric E. , Bucur C. , Popescu I. , Simionov V.

Modified Gas Diffusion Layer for Fuel Cells Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation

Ebrașu D. , Dorcioman G. , Enculescu I. , Serban N. , Axente E. , Sima F. , Ristoscu C. , Mihailescu I. , Stefanescu I.

Development of the Membrane Permeator for Hydrogen Production to ICIT - Rm. Valcea

Iordache I. , Raceanu M. , Curuia M. , Cho J.

Trend and Abatement Scenarios for Criterria Pollutants Concentrations in Ramnicu Valcea Industrial Periurban Area

Dragomir A. , Zisu D. , Mocioaca G. , Zaplaic M. , Iliescu M. , Culcer M.

Using Cleland's Reagent for Assessing the Pro-Oxidant Activity Oof Particulate Matter PM10 and PM2.5

Mateescu M. , Sbirna L. , Preda A. , Sbirna S.

Goodness-Of-Fit Tests in Environmental Research – Application in Ramncu Valcea, Romania, July 2010

Sbirna L. , Mateescu M. , Preda A. , Sbirna S.

Addition of Synthetic Aromas to Wine – Considerations Regarding the Detection

Vremera R. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Cho J.

Monitoring of Environmental Quality Parameters from a Slaughterhouse in Rm. Valcea Area 

Ariciu M. , Florescu D. , Mitranescu E.

Preliminary Study of Traceability on the Soil-Plant-Grape Chain

Magdas D. , Cuna S.

Hydrogen Isotopes, Oxigen-18 and Carbon-14 Used to Estimate Aquifer Recharge Conditions

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Neuro-Fuzzy And Knowledge-Based Expert Systems In Risk Management

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