Published articles: 101

Preliminary tests on a hydrogen isotope separation cryogenic facility, at the laboratory scale, within the ″cryogenic laboratory″ from ICSI Rm. Valcea

Vijulie M. , Brad S. , Lazăr A. , Vasut F. , Oubraham A. , Sirosh A.

Determination of PID parameters for an LPCE process

Vijulie M. , Lazăr A. , Brad S. , Stefan I. , Bucur C.

Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene via eco-friendly microwave-assisted process

Marinoiu A. , Morjan I. , Nica S. , Raceanu M. , Bucura F. , Enache S. , Carcadea E.

Titanium dioxide – based fiber anodes and their potential use in CR2032 coin cell lithium batteries 

Ene R. , Dumitriu C. , Andrei R. , Jianu C. , Chitu A. , Spinu-Zaulet A. , Carcadea E. , Buga M. , Pirvu C.

Assessment of PAHs levels in sediments and fish collected from artificial lakes on the course of Olt river, Romania: Optimisation and validation of the extraction methods

Ciucure C. , Geana E.

Reductive dechlorination of α-hexachlorocyclohexane by iron sulfide nanoparticles in batch experiments mimics its anaerobic biodegradation in environment - preliminary results

Badea S. , Popescu D. , Niculescu V. , Enache S. , Soare A. , Ionete R.

Optimized method for producing mesoporous silica from incineration ASH

Niculescu V. , Miricioiu M. , Enache S. , Constantinescu M. , Bucura F. , David E.

Carbon nanofibers PT-embedded manufactured through electrospinning 

Andrei R. , Marinoiu A. , Marin E. , Soare A. , Enache S. , Carcadea E.

Mathematical model of a heat exchanger working with different refrigerant fluids

Zabet I. , Niţă I. , Fako R. , Ţârlea G.

Overview of tritium activity in the nuclear fission reactors

Niţă I. , Deaconu M. , Fako R. , Meglea S. , Bujoreanu D.

Deuterium concentration on-line monitoring in the heavy-water moderator of the PIK reactor

Voronina T. , Tugusheva D.

Environmentally friendly methods for high quality lanthanum cobaltite perovskite catalysts synthesis

Enache S. , Dragan M. , Soare A. , Petrov K. , Varlam M.

Simulation of a mobile charging station operational mode based on Ramnicu Valcea area

Raboaca M. , Bancescu I. , Iliescu M. , Culcer M. , Carlea F. , Lavric A. , Manta I. , Lungu F. , Bisoc A. , Filote C.

GC–MS and neutron activation investigations of medicinal Teucrium L. species

Ciocarlan N. , Ciocan A. , Dragalin I. , Aricu A. , Zinicovscaia I. , Gundorina S.

Assessing the origin of vegetables based on 1H/13C-NMR profiling and chemometrics: Preliminary results

Botoran O. , Popescu R. , Costinel D. , Miricioiu M. , Ionete R.

Distribution of heavy metals in water and sediments from lakes of the Olt watershed

Sandru C. , Iordache M. , Radulescu A. , Zgavarogea R. , Ionete R.

Current status on the modified zeolites application in wastewater depollution

Vagner I. , Varlam C.

Identification and analysis of tanins in extracts from walnuts green fruits and leaves

Cobzaru C. , Serban A. , Cernatescu C.

The technological chain of enrichment of 3He

Dalakov P. , Kupriyanov M. , Klier J.

Cryogenic support of rectification units for the neon isotopes production

Bondarenko V. , Chyhrin A. , Bashkirov H.

Tritium activity on-line monitoring in the PIK reactor water coolants by using flow-through radiometer Wilma

Voronina T. , Tugusheva D. , Tolstoukhov S. , Trofimuk S.

Phosphorus removal from wastewater in the presence of mesoporous materials

Niculescu V. , Iordache M. , Miricioiu M. , Asimopolos L.

Study on the geothermal energy on romanian territory

Asimopolos N. , Asimopolos L.

LaCoO3 perovskite-type oxide: Synthesis and charcterization towards practical applications

Dragan M. , Enache S. , Soare A. , Petrov K. , Varlam M.

Development of one-step method for synthesis of gold supported on reduced graphene oxide

Marinoiu A. , Vasut F. , Oubraham A. , Andrei R. , Vagner I. , Soare A. , Capris C. , Carcadea E.

Remarks on the thermal properties of rocks and the treatment of geothermal waters

Asimopolos L. , Asimopolos N. , Niculescu V. , Asimopolos A.

Fabrication technology of self-standing binder free LiMn2O4/MWCNT electrode by vacuum filtration method

Bubulinca C.

Synthesis via electrospinning of electrospun polyacrylonitrile fibers – Preliminary results

Andrei R. , Marinoiu A. , Bucura F. , Zaharioiu A. , Niculescu V. , Sisu C. , Carcadea E.

Cyclic voltammetry as a tool for model testing – investigation method for noble metal catalyst’s durability

Sisu C. , Andrei R. , Marinoiu A. , Sandru C. , Constantinescu M. , Petreanu I. , Carcadea E.

Virtual screening of trabenazine and Its deuterated analogue against the synaptic vesicular amine transporter

Tamaian R.

Manipulation of spontaneous emission of long living isomers using UV-C radiation

Enaki N. , Paslari T. , Turcan M. , Bazgan S. , Starodub E. , Vaseashta A.

GC–MS and neutron activation analysis of medicinal Teucrium L. species

Ciocarlan N. , Ciocarlan A. , Dragalin I. , Aricu A. , Zinicovscaia I. , Gundorina S.

Exploration of natural gases and its impact to air quality. A case study on shale gas

Constantinescu M. , Ionete R. , Marin F. , Miricioiu M. , Saros G. , Zaharioiu A. , Bucura F.

Preliminary results in Rn monitoring at INC-DM Constanta

Patrascu V. , Cherestes C. , Tomescu M. , Serban S.

Main contribution of “G” Plant to developing of romanian technology for heavy water production

Ioniţă G.

Cryoadsorbtion experimental stand

Brad S. , Soare A. , Lazăr A. , Vijulie M. , Drăghici A.

Some issues in modelling of competing permeation of hydrogen isotopes through metals - A review

Bidica N.

Some failure modes of ICSI cryogenic distillation system as basis for safety analysis

Ana G. , Șofilca N. , Niculescu A.

Performance evaluation of a PEM electrolyser using CFD modelling

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Petrov K. , Jianu C. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Patularu L. , Raceanu M. , Schitea D.

Characterising of a small high temperature superconducting coil intended to be used as energy storage unit for spacecraft power systems

Iliescu M. , Culcer M. , Stefanescu F. , Curuia M. , Carcadea E. , Bizon N. , Raboaca S. , Rasoi G. , Varlam M.

Performances comparison for a photovoltaic system by using three maximum power point tracking algorithms

Hoarcă C. , Shin K. , Constantinescu L. , Bădiţă I. , Patularu L.

INC-DTCI - ICSI Rm. Vâlcea participation in HyLAW project

Iordache I. , Schitea D. , Floristean A. , Stefanescu I. , Brahy N.

Obtaining of fuel gas from catalytic conversion of residual biomass

David E. , Armeanu A. , Sandru C. , Niculescu V.

Energy potential of geothermal gas and sewage sludge biogas. A laboratory stage investigation

Bucura F. , Ionete R. , Marin F. , Miricioiu M. , Saros G. , Zaharioiu A. , Constantinescu M.

Establishing routine procedure of radium 226 activity concentration determination in water samples using liquid scintillation counting

Varlam C. , Faurescu I. , Vagner I. , Faurescu D.

Assessment of heavy metal sludge quality in a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Sandru C. , Iordache M. , Radulescu A. , Ionete R.

Facile synthesis of well dispersed au nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide

Marinoiu A. , Jianu C. , Cobzaru C. , Raceanu M. , Capris C. , Soare A. , Petreanu I. , Carcadea E.

Study of s-CNTs and PANI/CNTs nanocomposites for gas sensors development

Spiridon Ș. , Ionete E. , Monea B. , Bădiţă I.

Computer based measurement and control of cryogenic distilation (CD) system

Stefan I. , Stefan L. , Bucur C. , Vijulie M. , Balteanu O. , Moraru C. , Șofilca N.

An overview on the removal of nitrogen compounds from water and wastewater

Niculescu V. , Sandru C. , Paun N. , Miricioiu M.

Obtaining of an active product based on yeast biomass by fermentation of a waste from winemaking process from Oprisor area

Barbulescu I. , Teodorescu R. , Chedea V. , Grigorica L. , Roceanu G. , Marinescu S. , Frincu M. , Albu Kaya M. , Cîrîc A. , Matei P. , Tamaian R. , Dumitrache C. , Tudor V. , Begea M.

Comparative study on using ethanol and methanol for black grapes polyphenols extraction

Paun N. , Niculescu V. , Miricioiu M.

PEM electrolyzer – An important component of a backup emergency hydrogen-based power source

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Patularu L. , Raceanu M. , Schitea D.

The environmental impact of renewable hydrogen for energy storage and mobility applications

Balan M. , Buga M. , Badea A.

Hybrid energy storage systems for renewable energy sources: Applications and challenges

Ciocan A. , Balan M. , Rizoiu A.

Behind the practical challenges of lithium-ion cell manufacturing process at ROM-EST

Buga M. , Ene F. , Chitu A. , Rizoiu A. , Balan M.

Two different approaches for performance evaluation of catalytic packing

Bornea A. , Zamfirache M. , Stefanescu I. , Stefan L.

High precision vacuum telescopic manipulator

Curuia M. , Soare S. , Schitea D. , Jianu C. , Varlam M.

Performance parameters of two Quantulus 1220 for low level tritium measurements

Faurescu D. , Bogdan D. , Varlam C. , Faurescu I. , Vagner I.

Niobium oxide catalysts obtained by DC magnetron sputtering for PEM electrolysis application

Ion-Ebrasu D. , Enache S. , Rizoiu A. , Filip M. , Preda S. , Varlam M. , Fruth V. , Stefanescu I.

Durability studies of silicone elastomeric materials for gasket used in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

Petreanu I. , Patularu L. , Ene F. , Schitea D. , Soare A. , Sandru C.

A CFD investigation regarding the catalyst layer structure influence on the PEM fuel cell performance

Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Marinoiu A. , Raceanu M. , Jianu C. , Stefanescu I. , Ciocan A.

Performance assessment of Li-ion 18650 batteries by using the multi-tag fuelcon work test station

Bubulinca C. , Enache S. , Buga M.

Fuel cell based powertrain simulations to find the power splitting leading to improved characteristics

Iliescu M. , Raceanu M. , Culcer M. , Enache A. , Varlam M.

A hybrid energy storage system and control strategy for stand-alone applications using renewable energy sources

Ciocan A. , Balan M. , Pislaru M. , Rizoiu A. , Constantin A.

Assessment of the groundwater characteristics around a metallurgical manufacturing plant

Sandru C. , David E.

Removal of organic compounds from water by sonochemical processes

Iordache M. , Iordache I. , Popescu L. , Marinoiu A.

New requirements of IAEA concerning radiation protection and safety of radiation sources

Madgalin N. , Aranghel I. , Machita S.