Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2012, Volume 15, Issue 2

Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes

Viorel Serban 1 , Adrian Panait 1 , Madalina Angela Zamfir 1 , George Alexandru Ciocan 1 , Marian Androne 1 , Laura Elena Serban 2 , Liviu Dan Postolache 2 , Viorela Maria Postolache 2

1 Subsidiary of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects, Str. Atomistilor, no. 409, Magurele, Romania
2 SC SIGMA PATENT STUDIO SRL, Bucharest, Romania

*Corresponding author: Serban Viorel, E-mail:

Published: October 2012


The environment and population are subject to slow and fast action events generated by phenomena dependent or independent of human action. Among violent actions which affect the environment through loss of property and human lives are earthquakes.

Because violent seismic movements can’t be controlled by man, protection from such events can only be made by innovative technical solutions to ensure reduction of the dynamic response of constructions, equipment and pipeline networks to repeated seismic action.

The new solutions must be designed so that they can be applied to new structures and to increase the degree of resistance to existing structures.

The paper presents new types of mechanical devices developed by SITON and SIGMA SS companies in cooperation with other units in Romania, by means of which to control, limit and damp shocks, vibrations and seismic movements in buildings, equipment and pipe networks.

The new devices, called “SERB-devices” can overtake large static loads over which dynamic loads may overlap and be damped.  The devices allow “cutting-off” the dynamic  action in-coming from the environment to the protected systems (building, equipment, pipe network, etc) and the overtaking of shocks and vibrations generated by the systems to protect the environment.


Shocks, vibrations and seismic movement, control, limitation, damping, base isolation systems.

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