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Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment is an international peer reviewed journal that offers a converging platform for original research articles and review articles about theoretical methods, experiments, models, design and technologies dedicated to areas of interest such as isotopes separation for fission and fusion technology, energy storage, hydrogen technology and new sources of renewable energies, environmental protection, life quality applications and food security, materials for energy and for environment applications and cryogenic applications and technologies.

Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment appears twice a year and contains papers with high interdisciplinary and originality that present the latest research developments in their fields. Short communications and letters to editors are welcome if their subjects are focused on the interest topics of the journal.

Publication history

Currently known as: Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment
Formerly known as: Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation (1996-2019)

The history of Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation journal begins with 1996 when its first printed form appeared followed by the first hardcopy with ISSN number in 2000. Starting 2020 the new name of the journal is Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment and it is available in printed form and online.

This journal has an ISSN and an e-ISSN and it is included in Romanian National Library permanent electronic archive.
This journal is indexed in database: EBSCOProQuestUlrich’s Periodicals DirectoryIET INSPECGale Academic OneFile. This journal is listed in WorldCat.

This journal allows to the published articles authors to have used copies of their work on their personal websites, on non-commercial applications, and within non-commercial digital repositories of non-profit institutions with which they are currently affiliated. When authors republished copy of their articles must display the copyright notice exactly as it appears in the original publication. The authors must mention the URL link of the published article on the journal’s website in order to protect the integrity and authenticity of the scientific record, with the online published version on the journal’s webpage clearly identified to be the first and original version of record. There is no fee for such use.

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The manuscripts submitted can be editable files (e.g., Word) or PDF format and in the peer-review process, the manuscripts will be converted into PDF format. Correspondence between the author and editor is made by e-mail.