Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
1999, Volume 2, Issue 3+4

Designing Methods of Cryogenic Regenerations for Gas High Purifications

Anisia Bornea 1* , I. Cristescu 1 , Marius Peculea 2

1 Institute of Cryogenics & Isotope Separations, Rm. Valcea
2 Romanian Academy

*Corresponding author: Anisia Bornea, e-mail:

Published: October 1999


Many cryogenic chemical processes require using high purity gases. For high purification of gases, from several methods, we chose the retention of the impurity on a cryogenic regenerator. The retention of gas impurities is achieved by condensation on the cooled package of the regenerator.
In order to design a regenerative system for purifying the gases at low temperatures, it is necessary to determine experimentally the specific coefficients for the thermal and mass exchange processes. These coefficients are experimentally determined as functions of the gas and the impurity's nature, the hydrodynamic parameters and the regenerator type.
A mathematical model is developed that describes the thermal and mass exchmize in regenerator together with the functions of thermal and mass exchange coefficients versus hydrodynamic parameters allowed the designing of the regenerative system for gas purification.
As an example we chose an experimental model for designing a regenerative system for hydrogen purification at cryogenic temperatures with carbon dioxide impurities, using metallic package regenerators.



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