Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2013, Volume 16, Issue 1

Development of an Experimental Model Based Simulation on Nanostructurated Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage

Ioan Iordache * , Gabriel Rasoi , Vasile Anghel

National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies - ICSI Rm. Valcea, Uzinei Street no. 4, PO Box Râureni 7, 240050, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania

*Corresponding author: Ioan Iordache, E-mail:

Published: May 2013


The hydrogen economy has enormous societal and technical appeal as a potential solution to the fundamental energy concerns of abundant supply and minimal environmental impact. Generation of pure hydrogen represents a critical technology component for different applications in a variety of mobile and stationary power applications. Hydrogen is conventionally produced by steam reforming and water electrolysis. One of the most stringent fields of research and technical applications is the storage of hydrogen. 

In order to fit this requirement a group of researchers from ICIT Rm. Valcea start to develop a conceptual modeling and simulation of hydrogen storage device and an experimental model based on nanostructured hydrides for hydrogen storage.


Hydrogen storage, fuel cell, hydrogen technology, metalhydride.

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