Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2010, Volume 13, Issue 1

MN Substitution Effect on the Structural and Magnetic Properties in La0.54Ho0.11Sr0.35Mn1-xVxO3 Manganites

Mihail-Liviu Craus 1,2 , Valeryi Simkin 2 , Nicoleta Cornei 3 , Viorel Dobrea 1

1 National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, Iasi, Romania
2 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, 141980, Russia
3 ”Al.I.Cuza” University, Chemistry Departament, Iasi, Romania

*Corresponding author: Mihail Liviu Craus,  e-mail:

Published: May 2010


Manganites, as La1-xSrxMnO3, are known as ferromagnetic materials, with a “bad metal” behavior, and a transition temperature close to Curie temperature.  The manganites with La0.54Ho0.11Sr0.35Mn1-xVxO3 were prepared by means of sol-gel methods. The treated samples were monitorized by XRD, while magnetic properties of the samples were investigate with a Foner type magnetometer, between 77 and 400 K, using a magnetic field H=14 kOe. Magnetoresistance data were obtained with a four probe method, between 7 and 300 K. Treated samples contain perovskite type phase as majority phase, depending on the Mn substitution with V. Structure modification, magnetic properties and transport mechanisms are discussed, in agreement with the V doping.


Manganites, crystalline structure, magnetoresistance, transport mechanisms, vanadium.

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