Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2005, Volume 8, Issue 15+16

Cryogenic Distillation Development for ITER

Ion Cristescu * , I. R. Cristescu , M. Glugla

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany

*Corresponding author: Ion Cristescu, e-mail:

Published: October 2005


The tritium fusion fuel cycle has to be based upon well proven technology to assure the safe handling of tritium along with credible accountancy, low tritium inventory, low generation of wastes and a high reliability of all components throughout the lifetime of the reactor. A coherent understanding of all the equipment and process details covering conceptual studies to technical scale experiments together with mathematical modeling is therefore indispensable. An integrated concept for the Isotope Separation (ISS) and Water Detritiation systems (WDS) has been developed and is under investigation on relevant scale.


Fuel Cycle, ISS, Cryogenic distllation, Tritium. ITER.

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