Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2000, Volume 3, Issue 5+6

Biological Effects of Deuterium - Deplated Water

I. Stefanescu , Gh. Titescu , Cornelia Croitoru , Irina Saros-Rogobete

Institute of Cryogenics and Isotope Separation, Rm. Valcea

*Corresponding author: Ioan Stefanescu, e-mail:

Published: October 2000


Deuterium-depleted water (DDW) is represented by water that has an isotopic content smaller than 145 ppm D/('D+H). DDW production technique consist in the separation of deutarium from water through an continuos distillation process under pressure of about 133,3 mbar. Water that is use as basic material has an isotopic content of 144 ppm D/(D+H) and can be demineralizated water, distillated water or condensed-steam. DDW results as distillate with an isotopic deuterium content of 15-80 ppm, depending an the level we want to achieve.
Beginning with 1996 Institute of Cryogenics and Isotope Separation, DDW producer, co-operated with Romanian specialised institutes for biological effect's evaluation af DDW. The role of naturally occurring D in living organisms was examined by using DDW instead of natural water.
These investigations lead to the next conclusions:
- DDW caused a tendency towards the increase of the basal tone, accompanied by the intensification of the vasoconstictor effects of phenylefrine, noradrenalin and angiotensin; the increase of the basal tone and vascular reactivity produced by the DDW persist after the removal of the vascular endothelium.
- Animals treated with DDW showed an Increase of the resistance both to sublethal and to lethal gamma radiation doses, suggesting a radioprotective action by the stimulation of non-specific immune defence mechanisms.
- DDW stimnulate immune defence reactions, represented by the opsonic, bactericidal and phagecyte capacity of the immune system, together with increase in the numbers of polymorphonuclear neutrophils.
- Investigations regarding artificial reproduction of fish with DDW fecundated solutions confirmed favorable influence in embryo growth stage and resistance in next growth stages.
- It was studied germination, growth and quantitative character's variability at plants; one can remark the favorable influence of DDW on biological process at plants in various onlogenetic stages.


Deuterium-depleted water (DDW), biological effect.

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