Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2002, Volume 5, Issue 9+10

Proposal for Removal of Dissolved Dioxin-Like-Compounds from Wastewater Effluent with Hydrophobic Catalyst After Biological Treatment

Gh. Ionita 1 , Irina Popescu 1 , A. Kitamoto 2 , M. Shimizu 3

1 National Institute of Cryogenics and Isotopic Separation, Rm. Valcea
2 Research Laboratory For Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology
3 Isotope Science Laboratory, Japan

*Corresponding author: Gheorghe Ionita, e-mail:

Published: October 2002


A new stage concept was proposed for removal of compounds like dioxin and of endocrino-disrupting chemicals from effluents of wastewater, by using the catalytic oxidation process on hydrophobic Pt-catalysts. By the implementation of this new stage concept, the purified effluents could be discharged into rivers, lagoons or comeback for water recycling, without disturbing of ecosystem.


Wastewater treatment, Catalytic oxidation, Biological treatment, Hydrophobic Pt- catalyst, Dioxin compounds.

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