Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2015, Volume 18, Issue 1

Fuel Cell as Solution for  Power Supply of Passive House. Case Study

Raluca Andreea Felseghi

Building Services Engineering Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, 21 Decembrie Boulevard 1989, no. 128-130, 400604, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

*Corresponding author: Raluca - Andreea Felseghi,

Published: May 2015


This paper shows the analysis on performance indicators of fuel cell power generation system, that supply with electricity a low energy building, located in Cluj-Napoca. The case study had the main objectives as follows: evaluation of energy and environmental performance for a fuel cell energy system, calculation of hydrogen consumption and estimation the costs of system. This case study aims to demonstrate the capability of the fuel cell in power supply of the passive house in the assumption of using this technology as first and only source of electricity, into a future economy based on hydrogen. The results presented in this paper illustrate that for this system has achieved the following parameters: degree of autonomy from the national electricity distribution network of 100%; fuel cell generates a total of 7680 (kWh /year), after converting DC to AC ensure complete energy demand of the building by 42,24 (kWh / m2 ∙ year); consumption of hydrogen in the system has a total annual value of 549 (kg / year), respectively 3,43 (kg / m2 ∙ year); carbon footprint was 578 (kg CO2 / year), which is 3,61 (kg CO2 / m2 ∙ year).


Passive house, hydrogen  energy, fuel cell, power system.

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