Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2013, Volume 16, Issue 1

Energy Systems Based on Renewable Resources and Hydrogen Storage - An Overview and a Scenario Analyses

Elena Carcadea , Mihai Varlam , Mircea Raceanu , Mariana Iliescu , Adrian Enache , Mihai Culcer , Daniela Ebrașu , Adriana Marinoiu , Vasile Tanislav , Catalin Capris

National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies - ICSI Rm. Valcea, Uzinei Street no. 4, PO Box Râureni 7, 240050, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania

*Corresponding author: Elena Carceadea, E-mail:

Published: May 2013


A major challenge that needs to be addressed in systems that generate power using renewable energy sources (RES) is the stochastic behaviour of both solar and wind energy. This problem can be overcome by using hybrid systems that combine power generation units and storage media of diverse functionalities under an integrated scheme. Such system often involve photovoltaic panels and wind turbines to generate power that meets the demands of a targeted application. The intermittent nature of RES require the incorporation of batteries to store excess energy and release it under environmental condition variations. Also the systems include a controller,  a converter, an inverter, a fuel cell assembly, an electrolyser and a unit for hydrogen storage. Whereas batteries are only able to serve short-term and limited power demands, hydrogen is emerging as an alternative, long-term and flexible energy storage medium that requires a rich infrastructure, to be integrated within hybrid power generation systems. All these problems are significant barriers on the way towards real market and will be disscused in this paper taking into account two possible scenario.


Renewable energy, hydrogen technology, scenario analyses.

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