Progress of Cryogenics and Isotopes Separation , ISSN: 1582-2575
2008, Volume 11, Issue 21+22

Exergoeconomic Concept Applied to Cryogenic Cycles of Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation

Sorin Gherghinescu *

National Institute of R&D for Cryogenics and Isotopes Technologies - ICIT Rm. Valcea Code 240050, Uzinei Street no.4, CP7 Raureni, Valcea, Romania

*Corresponding author: Sorin Gherghinescu, e-mail:

Published: June 2008


Exergoeconomy is the union of two techniques to investigate the analysis represented by the thermodynamics of irreversible processes and economic analysis, based on observations that any thermodynamic system is in the interaction with two surrounding areas:

  1. environment characterized by a set of parameters (pressure, temperature, chemical potential) which offers the opportunity to determine the values of thermodynamic currents of food and energy crossing the borders;
  2. economic environment characterized by a set of prices that constitute the basis for calculating the economic values associated currents of food and energy crossing the borders, this, plus the effect of corrosion of the capital in time, is built entirely by the company and was under the influence of political and social change.

In terms of how the investigation is the following notice:

  • analysis using the first principle of thermodynamics does not involve any of the two environments;
  • study based on the second principle takes into consideration only the physical, Scotland and in obvious desirability of conserving fuel, without making contact with the economic environment;
  • only technical and economic analysis involving both environments, as the only way to study the behavior of a system in field conditions. If the analysis of thermodynamics is based on universal laws of nature, being so devoid of any ambiguity, if economic analysis can be different solutions and questionable decisions based on economic mechanisms that depend on the market, the economic and social policies



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