Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment , ISSN 2668-957X
2022, Volume 25, Issue 1
Pages 47-54


Cristian Postolache 1* , George Bubueanu 2 , Catalin Stelian Tuta 2 , Andi Sebastian Cucoanes 3

1 National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Magurele, Romania
2 “Horia Hulubei” National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering IFIN HH, Magurele, Ilfov, Romania
3 “Horia Hulubei” National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, Bucharest

*Corresponding author: Cristian Postolache, E-mail:

Received 21 December 2021 Received in revised form 14 March 2022 Accepted 23 March 2022 Available online 04 April 2022 
OBSERVATION: The article is presented to the 23rd International Conference “New Cryogenic and Isotope Technologies for Energy and Environment" EnergEn 2021, Baile Govora, Romania, October 26-29, 2021


This study present tritium labeling methods for uridine and thymidine in the methyl position. The synthesis of tritiated thymidine has been performed using two different methods: catalytic hydrogenation of brominated     derivative and respectively of hydroxymethyl deoxiuridine.

The tritiated uridine has been synthesized by catalytic hydrogenation of 5-I Uridine.

The labelled compounds were purified by Thin Layer Chromatography and characterized by determination of radioactive concentration, chemical concentration and radiochemical purities.

The obtained tritiated thymidine and uridine have been used for in vitro studies for evaluation of radiation effects in cell cultures.


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Tritium, labelled compounds, catalytic hydrogenation, thymidine, uridine.

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