Articles by tag: deuterium
Title Authors Year
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20 Candu Station Tritium Removal Facility Optimal Design and Utilization
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21 Exergetic Analyze for the Cryogenic Cycle Uses Into the Experimental Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
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22 Deuterium’s Depletion Effects at Rats With Experimentally Inducted Chronical Inflammation
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23 Measuring the Protium Concentration in Highly Concentrated Heavy Water by IR Spectrometry
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24 Research Concerning the Optimization of Isotopic Exchange Process in the Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
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25 Development of a Deuterium Separation Factors in Palladium-Hydrogen Systems Measurement Method in Order to Evaluate the Tritium Separation
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28 Developments in the Configuration of the Data Acquisition System for Cryogenic Process Analyses with Labview 8
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29 Proposal for Platinum Hydrophobic Catalyst for Hydrogen Isotopes Separation from Nuclear Efluents
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30 D/T Ratio in DT Mixture on Liquid Phase Using Dielectric Constant and Electrical Conductivity Measurements
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31 Stable Isotope Signature (D/H, 18O/16O) in a Hydrologies Study
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33 Water Detritiation Activities at ICSI Rm. Valcea
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35 Assessing Wine Quality Using Isotopic Methods
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38 Establishing the Design Prices for Equipments in the Exergoeconomic Analysis Using Least Squares Method
Gherghinescu S. 2011
39 Determination of the Deuterium Concentration from Heavy Water Using Vibrational Densimetry Method
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40 Research Activity in “TRI-TOFFY” EFDA Network Trainning
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41 Performance Tests on the Adsorption Systems for Redesign and Functioning in New Operating Conditions
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42 On-Line Predictive Maintenance for Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Gherghinescu S. 2011
43 Cryogenic Distillation Column. Influence of an External Factor
David C. , Stefan L. 2011
44 Evaluation of the Deuterium Modulation Potential of Lead  Status on Zea Mays Organogenesis and Growth
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45 Experiments Regarding the Effects of Isotopic Separation in PEM Electrolysers
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46 The Involvement of Deuterium Presence in the Drosophila Melanogaster Evolution - Diverse Effects of Deuterium Concentrations Upon the Phenotype of Different Strains and Romanian Ecotypes
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47 Development of a Tritium Recovery System from Candu Tritium Removal Facility
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48 Design and Analysis Method of the WDS Tritiated Water Holding Tanks
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49 Assessing the Authenticity of Vinegar by Combined 2H-SNIF-NMR and 13C-IRMS Analysis
Popescu R. , Botoran O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. 2016
50 Preliminary tests on a hydrogen isotope separation cryogenic facility, at the laboratory scale, within the ″cryogenic laboratory″ from ICSI Rm. Valcea
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51 Deuterium concentration on-line monitoring in the heavy-water moderator of the PIK reactor
Voronina T. , Tugusheva D. 2019
52 Virtual screening of trabenazine and Its deuterated analogue against the synaptic vesicular amine transporter
Tamaian R. 2018
53 Some issues in modelling of competing permeation of hydrogen isotopes through metals - A review
Bidica N. 2018
54 Computer based measurement and control of cryogenic distilation (CD) system
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