Articles by tag: safety
Title Authors Year
Bidica N. , Ghimiş N. 2022
2 Evaluari de importanta in analiza nivelului de risc pentru instalatiile industriale
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3 The Role of Risk Analysis in Control of Complex Plants' Safety Operation
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4 The Role of Human Performance in the Safety Complex Plants' Operation
Preda I. , Lazar R. , Croitoru C. 1999
5 Experimental Study About Hydrogen Isotopes Storage on Titanium Bed
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6 Contribution à l’étude des caractéristiques des systèmes d’isolation pour les machines asynchrones basse tension
Degeratu S. , Degeratu V. , Alexandru D. 2003
7 Safety System in a Heavy Water Detritiation Plant
Balteanu O. , Stefan I. , Retevoi C. 2003
8 The Use of Dose Constraints Concept
Dina D. , Andrei V. , Glodeanu F. , Goicea A. 2003
9 Simulation and Optimisation of the Data Acquisition System for Tritium Removal Pilot Plant
Retevoi C. , Stefan I. , Balteanu O. , Stefan L. 2004
10 Radiological Safety System Based on Real-Time Tritium-In-Air Monitoring on Room and Effluents
Bidica N. , Sofalca N. , Balteanu O. , Stefan I. 2006
11 The Recovery Factors Analysis of the Human Errors for Research Reactors
Farcasiu M. , Nitoi M. , Apostol M. , Turcu I. , Florescu G. 2006
12 Emerging Risks Proposed for Work Agenda of the Romanian Technology Platform on Industrial Safety
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13 Computational Model for the Tritium Inventory Management in a Nuclear Plant
Zamfirache M. , Bornea A. , Stefanescu I. , Stefan L. , Bidica N. , Vasut F. , David C. 2010
14 Thermovision Applications in Food Industry
Roşca A. , Roşca D. 2011
15 Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes
Serban V. , Panait A. , Zamfir M. , Ciocan G. , Androne M. , Serban L. , Postolache L. , Postolache V. 2012
16 Pressure Loss Detection in Plants With Continuous Monitoring by Measuring the Flow Parameters
Gherghinescu S. , Spiridon . , Popescu G. 2012
17 Importance of Local Leak Rate in Determination of Gas Leak Localization in Enclosed Industrial Building
Spiridon Ș. , Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. 2012
18 Estimation of Isotopic Exchange Parameters by Control of Condensation Process
Gherghinescu S. , Popescu G. , Spiridon . 2013
19 Local Atmospheric Dispersion Assessment During a Potential Candu Severe Accident
Gheorghe (Nicolici) C. , Prisecaru I. , Nicolici S. 2013
20 Development of a Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) Fire Scenario Evaluation for the EPS (Emergency Power System) Zone of a Candu-6 Nuclear Power Plant
Maxim A. , Branzeu N. , Prisecaru I. 2013
21 Efficient Methods for Flue Gas Heat Recovery and Conversion Into Electricity
Gherghinescu S. , Ciocan A. , Carcadea E. , Ebrașu D. 2014
22 Influence of Temperature Variation Over Characteristic Capacity in 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Bubulinca C. , Enache S. , Buga M. 2016
23 Macro- and Microelements as Possible Markers of Quality and Authenticity for Fruits and Derived Products
Ionete R. , Dinca O. , Geana E. , Costinel D. 2016
24 Assessment of PAHs levels in sediments and fish collected from artificial lakes on the course of Olt river, Romania: Optimisation and validation of the extraction methods
Ciucure C. , Geana E. 2019
25 Determination of PID parameters for an LPCE process
Vijulie M. , Lazăr A. , Brad S. , Stefan I. , Bucur C. 2019
26 Overview of tritium activity in the nuclear fission reactors
Niţă I. , Deaconu M. , Fako R. , Meglea S. , Bujoreanu D. 2019
27 Characterising of a small high temperature superconducting coil intended to be used as energy storage unit for spacecraft power systems
Iliescu M. , Culcer M. , Stefanescu F. , Curuia M. , Carcadea E. , Bizon N. , Raboaca S. , Rasoi G. , Varlam M. 2018
28 Some failure modes of ICSI cryogenic distillation system as basis for safety analysis
Ana G. , Șofilca N. , Niculescu A. 2018
29 Some issues in modelling of competing permeation of hydrogen isotopes through metals - A review
Bidica N. 2018
30 Behind the practical challenges of lithium-ion cell manufacturing process at ROM-EST
Buga M. , Ene F. , Chitu A. , Rizoiu A. , Balan M. 2017
31 Computer based measurement and control of cryogenic distilation (CD) system
Stefan I. , Stefan L. , Bucur C. , Vijulie M. , Balteanu O. , Moraru C. , Șofilca N. 2017
32 New requirements of IAEA concerning radiation protection and safety of radiation sources
Madgalin N. , Aranghel I. , Machita S. 2017