Articles by tag: Installation
Title Authors Year
Nita I. , Olteanu A. , Coman C. , Beznila H. 2022
2 Virtual Instrumentation for Monitoring the Purifying Installation from Cryogenic Pilot Plant with Remote Data Acquisition
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3 Environmental Monitoring for Tritium at Tritium Separation Facility  
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4 Simulation and Optimisation of the Data Acquisition System for Tritium Removal Pilot Plant
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5 Toughness Stand Modifications, Design for the Sample Specific Polystyrene Foam Like a Thermal Protection Envelope
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6 Dynamic Informational System for Control and Monitoring the Tritium Removal Pilot Plant with Data Transfer and Process Analyses
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7 Exergetic Analyze for the Cryogenic Cycle Uses Into the Experimental Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Gherghinescu S. 2006
8 Acquisition System for the Liquid Helium L5 Plant
Brad S. , Vijulie M. , Lazar A. , Gherghinescu S. 2006
9 The Recovery Factors Analysis of the Human Errors for Research Reactors
Farcasiu M. , Nitoi M. , Apostol M. , Turcu I. , Florescu G. 2006
10 Numerical Methods for Non-Reversible Process in Condenser, Applicable to Hydrogen Isotopes Separation System
Gherghinescu S. 2007
11 Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Cryogenic Distillation
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12 Multilayer Insulation with Applications in Cryogenic Equipments
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13 Water Detritiation Activities at ICSI Rm. Valcea
Zamfirache M. , Bornea A. , Stefanescu I. , Stefan L. , Lazar A. , Cristescu I. 2009
14 Computational Model for the Tritium Inventory Management in a Nuclear Plant
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15 Use of Nitrogen for Tritium Separation Plant Security
Gherghinescu S. 2010
16 Opportunities of Exploatation of the Living Resource
Ursache C. 2011
17 Pressure Loss Detection in Plants With Continuous Monitoring by Measuring the Flow Parameters
Gherghinescu S. , Spiridon . , Popescu G. 2012
18 Study on Fluid Flow in a Hydrocyclone Installation, Type Using Numerical Simulation
Iorga-Simăn V. , Ducu C. , Stefanescu I. 2013
19 Research on Non Steady State of Catalytic Isotopic Exchange Installation
Bornea A. , Zamfirache M. 2014
20 Design and Analysis Method of the WDS Tritiated Water Holding Tanks
Brad S. , Bilegan R. , Ana G. , Lazăr A. , Vijulie M. 2014
21 3-D graphene growth by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for energy applications
Ion-Ebrasu D. , Andrei R. , Enache A. , Enache S. , Soare A. , Carcadea E. , Varlam M. 2020
22 Preliminary tests on a hydrogen isotope separation cryogenic facility, at the laboratory scale, within the ″cryogenic laboratory″ from ICSI Rm. Valcea
Vijulie M. , Brad S. , Lazăr A. , Vasut F. , Oubraham A. , Sirosh A. 2019