Articles by tag: human
Title Authors Year
Tiliakos A. , Marinoiu A. 2021
2 The Role of Risk Analysis in Control of Complex Plants' Safety Operation
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3 The Role of Human Performance in the Safety Complex Plants' Operation
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4 The Role of Expert Judgement in Risk Assessment of Complex Plant
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5 The Polluting Effects of the Ultrasounds Propagation in the Water and of the Shockwave Due to the Underwater Explosive
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6 The Recovery Factors Analysis of the Human Errors for Research Reactors
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7 The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Gaseous and/or Solid Samples
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8 Determination of Trace Elements in Ambient Particulate Matter by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Geana E. , Iordache A. , Culea M. 2009
9 Life Quality and Human Ecology - Interferences in Academic Education and in Scientific Research
Stefanescu I. , Iorga-Simăn I. , Săvoiu G. , Manea C. 2009
10 The Stable Isotopes in the Hydrology Studies at Raureni-Valcea Area
Costinel D. , Grecu V. , Cuna S. , Vremera R. , Faurescu I. 2009
11 Nuclear Power Generation Alternative for a Clean Energy Future
Bobric E. , Bucur C. , Popescu I. , Simionov V. 2010
12 New Solutions for Renewable Energy from the Sun
Niculescu V. , Anghel M. 2010
13 Anthocyanins Sources - Their Occurrence and Role in Human Nutrition
Paun N. , Niculescu V. , Popa M. 2011
14 Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Water of Valcea County
Geana E. , Iordache A. , Saros G. , Ionete R. 2011
15 Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes
Serban V. , Panait A. , Zamfir M. , Ciocan G. , Androne M. , Serban L. , Postolache L. , Postolache V. 2012
16 An Overview of Analytical Techniques for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Chemical Fingerprinting
Geana E. , Dinca O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. , Popescu R. 2012
17 The Assessment of Heavy Metals Content in Soil Samples Taken from the Vicinity of Thermal Power Plants
Sandru C. , David E. 2014
18 Estimated Transfer of Volatile Organochlorine Substances in the Ecosystems Water, Sediment, Biota Using the Concept of Fugacity
Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Pascu L. , Iordache I. 2015
19 Contamination Levels with Some Heavy Metals of the Danube River Sediments Near the Cernavoda Area
Sandru C. , David E. 2015
20 Changes in Polyphenolic Content of Berry Skins from Different Red Grapes Cultivars During Ripening
Niculescu V. , Ionete R. , Geana E. , Artem V. , Ranca A. 2016
21 Determination of PID parameters for an LPCE process
Vijulie M. , Lazăr A. , Brad S. , Stefan I. , Bucur C. 2019
22 Overview of tritium activity in the nuclear fission reactors
Niţă I. , Deaconu M. , Fako R. , Meglea S. , Bujoreanu D. 2019
23 Manipulation of spontaneous emission of long living isomers using UV-C radiation
Enaki N. , Paslari T. , Turcan M. , Bazgan S. , Starodub E. , Vaseashta A. 2018
24 An overview on the removal of nitrogen compounds from water and wastewater
Niculescu V. , Sandru C. , Paun N. , Miricioiu M. 2017
25 Assessment of the groundwater characteristics around a metallurgical manufacturing plant
Sandru C. , David E. 2017