Articles by tag: loss
Title Authors Year
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5 Irreversibility Analysis of Chiller Coupled in Hydrogen Isotopes Separation Plant
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6 Performance Tests on the Adsorption Systems for Redesign and Functioning in New Operating Conditions
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7 Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes
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8 Pressure Loss Detection in Plants With Continuous Monitoring by Measuring the Flow Parameters
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9 Importance of Local Leak Rate in Determination of Gas Leak Localization in Enclosed Industrial Building
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10 Pressure Drop Evaluation for a Candu Fuel Bundle at Low Reynolds Number
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11 On the Road to High Performance PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Applications
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12 The Impact of Leakages on the Energy of a Water Distribution System
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13 The Behaviour of C25/30 Concrete Used for Cernavoda NPP Spent Fuel Pools Infrastructure Under Thermal Stress Conditions in Wet Environment
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14 Simultaneous Separation of 15N and 14N by Isotopic Exchange in Nitrox System at Pressure
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15 Mathematical model of a heat exchanger working with different refrigerant fluids
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16 Some failure modes of ICSI cryogenic distillation system as basis for safety analysis
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