Articles by tag: cycles
Title Authors Year
1 2H-Ne-He as the Working Fluid Components In Cryogenic Systems
Kutsko A. , Rozhentsev A. , Dalakov P. , Bohn M. 2020
2 Comparative Study About the Behavior of Carbon Resistance Temperature Sensors at Low Temperatures
Balteanu O. , Cristescu I. , Retevoi C. 2000
3 Heat Transfer Processes Investigation for Hydrogen in Cryogenic Distillation Plants
Bornea A. , Pearsica C. , Zamfirache M. , Stefan I. , Gherghinescu S. , Ducu C. , Marinovschi V. , Nicolescu B. , Peculea M. 2006
4 Exergoeconomic Concept Applied to Cryogenic Cycles of Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Gherghinescu S. 2008
5 The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Gaseous and/or Solid Samples
Vremera R. , Costinel D. , Iordache A. , Ionete R. 2008
6 Irreversibility Analysis of Chiller Coupled in Hydrogen Isotopes Separation Plant
Gherghinescu S. 2009
7 Fuel Gas from Biomass Wastes Gasification in a Free-Fall Reactor
David E. , Preda S. , Ducu C. 2010
8 Establishing the Design Prices for Equipments in the Exergoeconomic Analysis Using Least Squares Method
Gherghinescu S. 2011
9 Efficient Methods for Flue Gas Heat Recovery and Conversion Into Electricity
Gherghinescu S. , Ciocan A. , Carcadea E. , Ebrașu D. 2014
10 Study of Inconel 718 Alloy Tested by Heat-Cycling
Velciu L. , Meleg T. , Panţîru M. , Petrescu D. , Florea V. 2016
11 Preliminary tests on a hydrogen isotope separation cryogenic facility, at the laboratory scale, within the ″cryogenic laboratory″ from ICSI Rm. Valcea
Vijulie M. , Brad S. , Lazăr A. , Vasut F. , Oubraham A. , Sirosh A. 2019
12 Cyclic voltammetry as a tool for model testing – investigation method for noble metal catalyst’s durability
Sisu C. , Andrei R. , Marinoiu A. , Sandru C. , Constantinescu M. , Petreanu I. , Carcadea E. 2018
13 Cryogenic support of rectification units for the neon isotopes production
Bondarenko V. , Chyhrin A. , Bashkirov H. 2018