Articles by tag: food
Title Authors Year
Iordache A. , Voica C. , Nechita C. , Grigorescu R. , Zgavarogea R. , Paun N. 2024
2 Exergoeconomic Concept Applied to Cryogenic Cycles of Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
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3 High-Precision 13C and 18O Measurements by Continuous Flow-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (CF-IRMS) in Romanian Wines Characterization
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4 Monitoring of Environmental Quality Parameters from a Slaughterhouse in Rm. Valcea Area 
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5 Thermovision Applications in Food Industry
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6 Prediction the Necking Location in Metal Uniaxial Deformation by Using Thermovision
Roşca A. , Roşca D. 2011
7 Isolation, Purification and Biological Properties of Anthocyanins
Paun N. , Niculescu V. 2011
8 Instrumental Texture Analysis - An Objective Method to Evaluate Fresh Vegetables Quality
Roşca A. , Roşca D. 2013
9 Determination of Nickel Content in Romanian Wines
Stegarus D. , Niculescu V. , Sandru C. , Lengyel E. 2013
10 Spectrophotometric Techniques Used for Monitoring Food Additives – An Overview
Niculescu V. , Geana E. , Paun N. , Ionete R. , Stegarus D. 2014
11 IRMS Methods for Assessing the Quality and Origin of Honey Using δ13C and δ15N Isotopic Fingerprints
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12 Efficient Methods for Flue Gas Heat Recovery and Conversion Into Electricity
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13 Identification of Yeasts Tested for Fermentation on Different Carbon Sources
Bărbulescu I. , Begea M. , Frincu M. , Tamaian R. 2015
14 Estimated Transfer of Volatile Organochlorine Substances in the Ecosystems Water, Sediment, Biota Using the Concept of Fugacity
Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Pascu L. , Iordache I. 2015
15 Assessing the Authenticity of Vinegar by Combined 2H-SNIF-NMR and 13C-IRMS Analysis
Popescu R. , Botoran O. , Costinel D. , Ionete R. 2016
16 Macro- and Microelements as Possible Markers of Quality and Authenticity for Fruits and Derived Products
Ionete R. , Dinca O. , Geana E. , Costinel D. 2016
17 Assessing the origin of vegetables based on 1H/13C-NMR profiling and chemometrics: Preliminary results
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18 Virtual screening of trabenazine and Its deuterated analogue against the synaptic vesicular amine transporter
Tamaian R. 2018
19 Comparative study on using ethanol and methanol for black grapes polyphenols extraction
Paun N. , Niculescu V. , Miricioiu M. 2017