Articles by tag: Limits
Title Authors Year
Asimopolos L. , Asimopolos N. , Niculescu V. , Asimopolos A. 2022
2 Influence of anthropogenic activity to the macronutrient loading in water and soil – Case study of industrial area
Iordache M. , Sandru C. , Miricioiu M. , Nechita C. , Ionete R. , Botoran O. 2020
3 Heat Losses Influence on the Profile of Temperatures of a Counter-Current Exchanger
Peculea M. 1999
4 Cercetari asupra determinarii rezervei duratei de viata a conductelor de abur viu din termocentrale
Demian M. , Trusculescu M. 2002
5 Evaluation of Proton Conductive Polymers as Electrolyte for H2/Air Fuel Cells
Stoenescu D. , Stanciu V. , Stefanescu I. , Saros I. , Morozan A. , Vulpe S. , Urse M. , Apetroaei N. 2006
6 The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Gaseous and/or Solid Samples
Vremera R. , Costinel D. , Iordache A. , Ionete R. 2008
7 The Optimization of the Method for Metals Content Determination in Romanian Wines by ICP-MS After Microwave Mineralization
Iordache A. , Geana I. , Ionete R. , Culea M. 2010
8 An Evaluation Method for Potentially Package’s Non-Fixed Radioactive Contamination in Transport of Radioactive Waste
Mihaiu R. , Vieru G. , Nistor V. 2011
9 Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Water of Valcea County
Geana E. , Iordache A. , Saros G. , Ionete R. 2011
10 On-Line Predictive Maintenance for Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Gherghinescu S. 2011
11 The Hazardous Substance Environmental Impact in the Industrial Area of Rm. Valcea
Iordache M. , Branzoi I. , Iordache I. , Dobre N. , Totea G. 2012
12 Comparative Granulometric Characteristics of Grist Fractions from Plansifter Compartments of One and Two Reduction Roll Passages in a Milling Plant of 4.2 t/h
Voicu G. , Constantin G. , Ștefan E. 2013
13 Assessment of PAHs levels in sediments and fish collected from artificial lakes on the course of Olt river, Romania: Optimisation and validation of the extraction methods
Ciucure C. , Geana E. 2019
14 New requirements of IAEA concerning radiation protection and safety of radiation sources
Madgalin N. , Aranghel I. , Machita S. 2017