Articles by tag: resistance
Title Authors Year
1 Comparative Study About the Behavior of Carbon Resistance Temperature Sensors at Low Temperatures
Balteanu O. , Cristescu I. , Retevoi C. 2000
2 Biological Effects of Deuterium - Deplated Water
Stefanescu I. , Titescu G. , Croitoru C. , Saros-Rogobete I. 2000
3 Corrosion Resistance of Titanium and Some Dental Implant Alloy in Biological Fluids
Stefanescu I. , Popa M. , Drob P. , Demetrescu I. , Ionescu D. , Vasilescu C. , Popa M. 2002
4 Deuterium-Depleted Water, Short History and New
Stefanescu I. , Tamaian R. , Titescu G. 2004
5 Corrosion Resistance of Titanium and Some Ternary Titanium Alloys in Acid Environments from Chemical Industry
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6 Mechanical and Structural Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Used in Nuclear Reactors. The Effect of Helium at Low Temperature
Brad S. , Ducu C. , Malinovschi V. , Stefanescu I. 2006
7 Considerations Concerning the Influence of Magnetic Field to the Calibration of Thermometers for the Measuring of Low and Very Low Temperatures
Iacobescu F. , Poenaru M. 2007
8 Influence of Mn Substitution with Fe/Co on Magnetic Structure and Transport Mechanisms in Some Manganites
Craus M. , Simkin V. , Cornei N. , Dobrea V. 2010
9 MN Substitution Effect on the Structural and Magnetic Properties in La0.54Ho0.11Sr0.35Mn1-xVxO3 Manganites
Craus M. , Simkin V. , Cornei N. , Dobrea V. 2010
10 Prediction the Necking Location in Metal Uniaxial Deformation by Using Thermovision
Roşca A. , Roşca D. 2011
11 On-Line Predictive Maintenance for Pilot Plant for Tritium and Deuterium Separation
Gherghinescu S. 2011
12 Life and Environmental Protection by Developing New Innovative Solutions for the Safety of Buildings, Equipment and Pipe Networks to Violent Earthquakes
Serban V. , Panait A. , Zamfir M. , Ciocan G. , Androne M. , Serban L. , Postolache L. , Postolache V. 2012
13 Magnetic Properties and Transport Characteristics of La0.5Pr0.2Pb0.3-xSrxMnO3 Manganites
Craus M. , Simkin V. , Cornei N. 2013
14 CFD Investigation of Gas Diffusion Layers Compression on the PEM Fuel Cell Performance
Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Ingham D. , Patularu L. , Marinoiu A. , Ion-Ebrasu D. , Stefanescu I. 2016
15 Current status on the modified zeolites application in wastewater depollution
Vagner I. , Varlam C. 2019
16 Fabrication technology of self-standing binder free LiMn2O4/MWCNT electrode by vacuum filtration method
Bubulinca C. 2018
17 A CFD investigation regarding the catalyst layer structure influence on the PEM fuel cell performance
Carcadea E. , Varlam M. , Marinoiu A. , Raceanu M. , Jianu C. , Stefanescu I. , Ciocan A. 2017
18 Niobium oxide catalysts obtained by DC magnetron sputtering for PEM electrolysis application
Ion-Ebrasu D. , Enache S. , Rizoiu A. , Filip M. , Preda S. , Varlam M. , Fruth V. , Stefanescu I. 2017