Articles by tag: HW
Title Authors Year
1 Evaluation by Quantum-Chemical Methods of Radiolysis Stability for Macromolecular Structures
Postolache C. , Matei L. 2005
2 An Experimental Study of Noise Barriers in Suburban Area
Pârlac S. , Onescu C. , Iorga Simăn I. , Stefanescu I. 2009
3 The Stable Isotopes in the Hydrology Studies at Raureni-Valcea Area
Costinel D. , Grecu V. , Cuna S. , Vremera R. , Faurescu I. 2009
4 Evaluation of the Deuterium Modulation Potential of Lead  Status on Zea Mays Organogenesis and Growth
Butnaru G. , Sarac I. , Titescu G. , Butnariu H. 2012
5 Determining Ammonium and Nitrate Pollution of the Olt River Basin in Rm. Valcea Industrial Area
Sandru C. , David E. , Popescu R. , Ionete R. 2013
6 Pressure Drop Evaluation for a Candu Fuel Bundle at Low Reynolds Number
Musa A. , Prisecaru I. , Nicolici S. 2013
7 Reductive dechlorination of α-hexachlorocyclohexane by iron sulfide nanoparticles in batch experiments mimics its anaerobic biodegradation in environment - preliminary results
Badea S. , Popescu D. , Niculescu V. , Enache S. , Soare A. , Ionete R. 2019
8 Deuterium concentration on-line monitoring in the heavy-water moderator of the PIK reactor
Voronina T. , Tugusheva D. 2019
9 Tritium activity on-line monitoring in the PIK reactor water coolants by using flow-through radiometer Wilma
Voronina T. , Tugusheva D. , Tolstoukhov S. , Trofimuk S. 2018