Articles by tag: sediment
Title Authors Year
1 Influence of anthropogenic activity to the macronutrient loading in water and soil – Case study of industrial area
Iordache M. , Sandru C. , Miricioiu M. , Nechita C. , Ionete R. , Botoran O. 2020
2 Hydrogen Isotopes, Oxigen-18 and Carbon-14 Used to Estimate Aquifer Recharge Conditions
Faurescu I. , Feru A. , Varlam C. , Faurescu D. , Vagner I. , Cuna S. , Cosma C. 2010
3 Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Water of Valcea County
Geana E. , Iordache A. , Saros G. , Ionete R. 2011
4 The Hazardous Substance Environmental Impact in the Industrial Area of Rm. Valcea
Iordache M. , Branzoi I. , Iordache I. , Dobre N. , Totea G. 2012
5 Hazardous Substances in Water and Sediments of Olt River, Downstream from Rm. Valcea
Iordache M. , Iordache I. , Popescu L. , Costinel D. 2013
6 The Application of Pollution Indexes in the Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments
Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Iordache I. 2014
7 Estimated Transfer of Volatile Organochlorine Substances in the Ecosystems Water, Sediment, Biota Using the Concept of Fugacity
Iordache M. , Popescu L. , Pascu L. , Iordache I. 2015
8 Contamination Levels with Some Heavy Metals of the Danube River Sediments Near the Cernavoda Area
Sandru C. , David E. 2015
9 Reductive dechlorination of α-hexachlorocyclohexane by iron sulfide nanoparticles in batch experiments mimics its anaerobic biodegradation in environment - preliminary results
Badea S. , Popescu D. , Niculescu V. , Enache S. , Soare A. , Ionete R. 2019
10 Assessment of PAHs levels in sediments and fish collected from artificial lakes on the course of Olt river, Romania: Optimisation and validation of the extraction methods
Ciucure C. , Geana E. 2019
11 Distribution of heavy metals in water and sediments from lakes of the Olt watershed
Sandru C. , Iordache M. , Radulescu A. , Zgavarogea R. , Ionete R. 2019
12 Remarks on the thermal properties of rocks and the treatment of geothermal waters
Asimopolos L. , Asimopolos N. , Niculescu V. , Asimopolos A. 2018