Articles by tag: background
Title Authors Year
1 7 years of monitoring of 40K in surface water samples from Olt River, Romania
Ene M. , Bulubașa G. , Miu A. 2020
2 Determinarea activitatii tritiului in probe de apa grea din Instalatia Pilot Experimental pentru Separarea Tritiului si Deuteriului
Varlam C. 1998
3 Environmental Monitoring for Tritium at Tritium Separation Facility  
Varlam C. , Stefanescu I. , Steflea D. , Lazar R. 2001
4 Low-Level Tritium Concentration Measurements by Liquid Scintillation Counting in Environmental Water Samples
Varlam C. , Stefanescu I. , Florescu D. , Enache A. , Raceanu M. , Varlam M. 2004
5 An Overview of the Synthesis, Characterization Techniques and Applications of Silica Mesoporous Materials
Niculescu V. , Ene R. , Parvulescu V. 2011
6 Upgrade of the Jet Tangential Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (TGRS)
Soare S. , Anghel M. , Zoita V. , Craciunescu T. , Curuia M. , Kiptily V. , Edlington T. , Syme B. , contributors J. 2011
7 The Assessment of Heavy Metals Content in Soil Samples Taken from the Vicinity of Thermal Power Plants
Sandru C. , David E. 2014
8 Contamination Levels with Some Heavy Metals of the Danube River Sediments Near the Cernavoda Area
Sandru C. , David E. 2015
9 Performance parameters of two Quantulus 1220 for low level tritium measurements
Faurescu D. , Bogdan D. , Varlam C. , Faurescu I. , Vagner I. 2017