Instructions for authors


The submitted articles for publication in “Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment” must be about theoretical methods, experiments, models, design and technologies dedicated to areas of interest such as:

  • isotopes separation for fission and fusion technology
  • energy storage, hydrogen technology and new sources of renewable energies
  • environmental protection, life quality applications and food security
  • materials for energy and for environment applications
  • cryogenic applications and technologies.


The journal “Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment accept papers from these categories:

  • original research articles
  • review articles
  • short communications
  • letters to editors

The template for the submitted papers to be published in Smart Energy and Sustainable Environment journal is available to download from this link.

Authors submit theirs work in “.doc”, “.docx” or “.pdf” files and editors make a first selection. If the papers are accepted will enter in the peer-review process.

For this process the uploaded papers must have the correct format that include the followings requirements:

  • one author must be designated corresponding author with contact details: e-mail address and full postal address;
  • keywords clearly specified;
  • has been “grammar checked” and “spell checked”;
  • all figures (with relevant captions) and tables (description/titles/footnotes) are correct indicated in the text;
  • any other details on how to print the paper (color, resolution of figures and graphs, additional files, highlights files) must be defined with accuracy;
  • all the references mentioned in the “references list” must be cited in the text and all the references from the text must be in the “references list”;
  • was obtained the permission for use of any copyrighted materials from other sources (hardcopy or internet);
  • authors must provide a competing interests statement and to disclose any financial/personal interests and relationships with other people or organizations that could interfere or influence their research;
  • it is mandatory that the research described has not been published previously (except if it is an abstract or a published lecture or academic thesis);
  • the corresponding author can provide a statement with all authors contributions to the paper;
  • the publication policies of the journal must be carefully considered by the authors;

Please submit your contributions to the e-mail address:
The manuscripts submitted can be editable files (e.g., Word) or PDF format and in the peer-review process, the manuscripts will be converted into PDF format. Correspondence between the author and editor is made by e-mail.